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Never to early to begin saving!
September 23-27: A week to think about endless future opportunities!
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Find out about potential careers while having fun!
Information/application for student financial aide for COLLEGE
College checklist, overview of federal aid
Comprehensive details about federal student aid programs
Guide to Indiana's 31 private, nonprofit colleges and universities
Youth Services: great websites and career information
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Magazine for students, grants, scholarships, lots of information
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A HUGE list of scholarships....never too early to plan ahead :)
Tips for your College Search

It is never too early to start thinking about the future! Here are some tips to help you learn about potential careers and colleges:

1. Get involved!

- Community Service is a great way to get first hand experience. For example, if you are interested in being a veterinarian, then volunteer at a local animal rescue.

- Participate in job shadowing. You can "follow" someone for the day who is already working in your dream area to see exactly what it is about.

2. Look at the college websites

- What does the college application say? What type of student is that college looking for? What colleges offer the program you are interested in?

3. Visit college campuses

- Figure out if you like the campus. Visit as many as possible and ask questions when you are there.

4. Ask questions!

- Ask your family, your teachers, your GUIDANCE COUNSELOR :), your principal, people in your community!

A Guide to the College Planning Process