About Us

LaSalle Academy, building a better tomorrow for our students, through opportunity, academic discipline, rigorous instruction, and personal excellence.  We create a space where our diverse community learns to collaborate, communicate, and solve real world problems in a fun, safe, and accepting learning environment. 

Our students will graduate with:

  • Knowledge that hard work and perseverance lead to intellectual growth.
  • Appreciation of culture, a broad base of knowledge, and a thirst for continual learning.
  • The ability to communicate clearly and expressively.
  • Good judgment and reason.
  • Appreciation for fairness and justice.
  • Understanding and fulfillment of civic duty.
  • Respectful behavior and a kind attitude toward others.

We value the partnership which exists among school, parents, and community, and we recognize the part it plays in realizing this vision.

The academy is open to all students (grades 6-8) who meet the criteria for admission.